tje Website for my favorite Komic Kharacter eveR!!!!!!!!!!

i Lovr Polley the Plugner he is the BEST HERO EVER !!! ! ! ! !

heres Wy I Like Him allot:

Cool polley the Pluner trivia:

1. His last Name is quambo 2. he has Sicteen dollar in his Bank acount (Rich) 3. He votd for Obama in the 2008b elecktion 4. He watchs Sponbob 5. i think My Mom has an Action figure of him in Her Rom but She wont Let me Tuch it for some reeson

Ideaz that i have For the Pilly the plunger Universe

What if mega Plunger's name was Changd to Arnold Shwarzeneger? (termintor) What if the shokcing Stoking was a Red Chrismas Stoking? (sanna clause) What if some1 used Porry the Pugner as an Actyal Plunger? (poopy water) What if All the Charactes live in A Laundromat? (washy washy cloths) These are jus some of the Kool ideaZ i hav For Pollin the Pugger

Polly plnger Fanart

here Is Some polly rhe Plunger fanart i Found on the interWebs

An open letter to Elndon bonton the Auther of Poly the Punjer

Is polly's full name Polliam? willy and billy are short for Wiliam so I imajin that Poly would be Short for A Siomilar name Lige That kinda.. if So That wouod mean that Poly the Piunger's ful Name is Pollliam Quambo (becaus As I have Stated be4 Poly's last Nmae is quambo) i thin Poliam Quambo is. a pretty Sick Name onestly.. What bout other charcter names? isMega Plunger name actualy Megan Plunger???? i Ned Anserz

My leest favoritrw Polry the Punuger Characters

Ths list has Taken me a While to Make jus begause All of the Polly Punga chrater are So Well made. But here ismy list and Lannon if ypu're Reaging this DO NOT TAKE OFENSE I JUS DONT LIKE THESE CHARTERS PLSSS DONTY BE MAD!!!! !! ! ! the list Is: 1. Al of the bad guys I hate bad guys they Suck like WHy Do yiu Need to caus All of this Havock and Whatever like just Be Nive guys and Also gake a Shower you stinky stinky dumb Bade Guys Stop bothering Plly And His Frieneds!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! >:((((((((